Venmo, Austin


For this campaign, Venmo was looking to make an especially unique visual impact in downtown Austin during an 8 week campaign that targeted both weekends of ACL Music Fest, UT Tailgates and Formula 1.

Campaign Details

Free Rides
Custom Fabricated “Pony” carts, fully wrapped in fur!
Custom Snapchat Filter
Facebook and Instagram Advertisements promoting Free Rides
Media Shoot with Social Media Celebrities: Vine/Twitter/Instagram/Snap Chat/Facebook


RYDE designed and customized two “Pony” carts for Venmo’s PONY UP campaign. During two of the biggest events in Austin, Venmo made a huge impact by sponsoring the only FREE transportation service in downtown.

To help increase the reach of the campaign, RYDE helped to integrate online digital marketing into Venmo’s Campaign. Our team developed and ran a Snapchat Geofilter specifically targeting high traffic areas during ACL Music Fest.  The Snapchat filter promoting Venmo and the free rides was a huge success with over 7,600 views in 3 days.

With over 12 Million combined followers. Venmo partnered with online social media actors and celebrities Manon Mathews, Matt King, Brandon Bowen and Danny Gonzalez to shoot several online promotional segments with the carts for a variety of social media channels creating a great mix of out-of-home advertising and online digital marketing.

What people said

“Just when I thought y’alls wraps couldn’t get more creative!”
“Getting our Free Rides in, Thanks @Venmo!”
“Looks AMAZING!”


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