Phunware — Austin


Keep Austin Mobile! SXSW is known for bringing over 250,000 attendees into the heart of downtown Austin, so Phunware wanted to help people fight the congestion, while keeping those mobile devices charged. What better way to do that then sponsoring three electric shuttles with on board power outlets to transport people around downtown while charging all of their mobile devices.

Campaign Details

3 Vinyl Wrapped Carts
Mobile Charge Stations
Social Media Photo Contest


Phunware is a leader in everything mobile, so we took three carts and turned them into mobile charge stations. We added charging outlets to each cart so that passengers could charge up to 8 mobile devices per vehicle. Phunware also sponsored free rides for every passenger that took a picture with the cabs and loaded it to Instagram and twitter with the hashtag #phunmobile. This was also an automatic entry into their social media photo contest. The person with the most creative picture won a mystery price at the end of SXSW.

What people said

“You are a lifesaver! You have no idea how badly I needed to charge my phone! What a great idea Phunware!”
“What?!?! I can charge my phone in this thing? That’s awesome!
“This is the 5th time I have used y'all in two days. It’s the only way I plan to get around SXSW. ”
“Free rides for sharing a picture on Instagram? My friends will be so jealous.”


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