Loaded Vodka – Austin


Loaded Vodka was looking to break into the Austin market and get noticed.

Campaign Details

After personally riding in our cabs, Loaded Vodka owner, Chris Seithal took notice of the amount of attention the cabs were receiving. He immediately knew this is what would help give him the edge to be successful in the Austin market. We strategically targeted each one of Austin’s entertainment districts, bars, restaurants, and hotels focusing on Austin’s booming nightlife scene. RYDE ran geo targeted Facebook ads and Loaded Vodka partnered with Actor Rob Riggle who promoted the carts through each one of his social media channels. After creating a word of mouth buzz around the city, our team of marketers set up tastings with several of the top bars in each one of Austin’s entertainment districts to get Loaded Vodka stocked on their shelves. Not only assisting in bringing Loaded Vodka to the Austin market, but to several bars in the Dallas area as well.

Vinyl Wrapped Carts
Celebrity Endorsement – Rob Riggle – Actor
Geo Targeted Social Media Advertising
Campaign Video Recap

What people said

“Wow, I didn’t expect it to be so smooth!”
“I could drink that straight”
“This was so fun!”
“So tell me more about this Loaded Vodka that’s on the side of the cart.”


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